Dr. Stephen Krebs Viticultural Consultation


The documents listed below are written by Dr. Stephen Krebs and are available at no cost.

Use the "Contact" link and send an email with your requests.

  • "Systematic Biology of the Grapevine" (basic biology of the Vitaceae Family)
  • "Environmental Factors Affecting Diseases of the Grapevine" (details about common diseases)
  • "Mineral Nutrition of the Grapevine"  (summary of essential nutrients and their soil chemistry)
  • "Phylloxera"  (Introduction section of Krebs PhD dissertation)
  • "The Use of Rootstocks in Viticulture" (annotated bibliography from PhD dissertation)
  • "Grapevine Propagation Timetable" (comparison of field budding and bench grafting methods)
  • "Cane Pruning" (discussion of the advantages of cane pruning for small cluster cultivars)
  • "North Coast Grapevine Pests and Diseases" (basic facts about common pests and diseases)
  • "The Source-Sink Model of Carbohydrate Metabolism" (CHO allocation through growth cycle)
  • "Young Vine Training" (pruning options for two- and three-year-old vines for creating ideal form)