About Dr. Krebs

Dr. Stephen Krebs is an expert in the production of premium wine grapes.  His extensive education, vineyard management and teaching experience spans five decades.  He is Professor-Emeritus of Viticulture at Napa Valley College.  Dr. Krebs has worked as a consulting viticulturist since 1978.    Photos thanks to Ron Rogers (ronrogersphoto@comcast.net, 707-321-0748)

Education at the University of California, Davis

  • 1976     Bachelor of Science, Plant Science
  • 1977     Master of Science, Horticulture
  • 1995    Doctorate, Ecology Graduate Group (dissertation topic:  phylloxera and rootstocks)

Employment Summary

  • 1977-79         San Pasqual Vineyards, Escondido, CA

  • 1979-83         Mayacamas Vineyards, Napa, CA

  • 1984-85         Matanzas Creek Winery, Santa Rosa, CA

  • 1986-14         Viticulture and Winery Technology, Napa Valley College, Napa, CA

Dr. Stephen Krebs Viticultural Consultation